Israel Study Trip

Travel Time

From James Nolt:

We will remember the scene of confused tour members shuffling through papers at the Newark airport to find the right covid test results, green cards, and entry permits. Our flight was delayed about 1 and 1/2 hours. We left Newark about 12:30 Eastern Time Friday morning and arrived in Israel about 4:36 Friday afternoon (10:36 Eastern Time), after about a 10-hour flight. Then we had to get another covid test in spite of the fact that we all had been tested on Tuesday. We are in “quarantine” in a nice hotel. I’m praying for good test results so we can continue our tour tomorrow.

We are bonding with our tour guide Sufian and our bus driver John. We tour members soon learned that Sufian is very knowledgeable and eager to share. I believe he is observing that tour members are eager listeners. After a delicious Israeli buffet dinner in Arad, we are ready for a good night’s rest, this time on a bed rather than an airplane seat.