Digging at Shiloh

We’ve been on the dig for two days now. We’re enjoying it immensely. We start with breakfast at 4 AM and on the bus by 4:59. The trip from Jerusalem to Shiloh is through some amazing countryside.

We’re a onsite erecting shade cloth by 6 or earlier. We find about 2,000 pieces of pottery per day. Today we found a sling stone just outside the city wall. We’re working in a Bronze Age layer. George helped discover a wall.

We have lunch at 10:30. We stop digging at 1:00 PM. We wash the pottery, then stop at the gift shop for refreshments. The buses depart at 2.

With dinner at 6, we went exploring this afternoon. We went through Damascus Gate and did some shopping in the market. We visited Udi at Blue and White. We stopped by Moshe’s shop to say hello. We were going to take pictures at the cardo painting but the room was full of IDF soldiers.

By Andrew Zimmerman

Excited about travel in the Bible lands!