Invitation to Jerusalem

Hello friends. We (Julia and Andrew) are planning to travel to Jerusalem next week. You are invited to travel with us by following this blog. We will not be posting to social media with every blog post, so follow the blog if you’d like to get the daily updates.

We enjoyed The Land immensely on our first trip. So much of the culture and history relates to Bible times. We plan to learn more about Jerusalem, and Jesus’ time there.

Here are some pictures we’d like to share from an earlier trip.

Dome of the Rock
The Western Wall of Temple Mount
Our tour guide tells the story of IDF entering the Old City in 1967
Night-time street scene in Jerusalem. Notice the tram tracks.

Why Israel?

The land of Israel is fascinating. There is so much variety in a tiny country; such a variety of landscapes, peoples, and cultures.

It is the land of the Bible. Visiting the sites of Bible stories brings them to life in 3D. Jesus walked here. God’s covenants with people were made here.

I hope to share pictures of His Land through this blog. Feel free to follow if you’re interested.